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About Me

Welcome to the team of expert trainers and professional gym enthusiasts here at Fitness Gym.

Over the last 22 years, I have worked for training models and actors from Mumbai, along with corporate training and athletes, who trust my work and experience. I am a great fitness freak, and Fitness Gym is my aim to bring easy fitness tips for one and all. I have myself worked as a model in many ads and shoots and understand the aspirations that most people have in the glamour industry. I have handpicked the training experts at the gym for your very personal training. Here’s a quick take on some of my achievements.

  • Mr. Punjab in the year 1992-1993
  • 22 Years of Corporate Training
  • Degree in food and diet training
  • More than a lakh of happy customers
  • Worked as a model in Advertisements for Debonair Magazine, Campus Shoes, Sand Patrick’s Shirts, Women Zara Magazine, Fashion Era Magazine, and Bindal Garments
  • Worked in a number of music videos as a model and actor
  • Apart from my trainers and other people at gym, I can be contacted for

  • Olympics, sports and fitness training
  • Exclusive training programs for film stars
  • Diet plan consultation for models and actors
  • Training for models
  • Professional Coaching for Fitness
  • Complete personal coaching and consultation
  • Training sessions at the gym are meant to make the body strong and the mind stronger. We are based out of Ambala, where people trust us for both group and personal training at the same time.

    Located conveniently, Fitness Gym aims at making life healthier. Do you really need some motivation for fit lifestyle? Let our trainers guide you at every step. Our training sessions are based on the kind of body one has, and therefore, even in the group sessions, the trainer pay adequate time to each person for their body type and fitness goals. As always, I am around to oversee most clients as my availability.

    Moving ahead, my gym also offers some of the best equipment that the city can boast of, also including plate loaded equipments that are distinguished by easy adjustments. All the machines are maintained in the best conditions, and we always have ample set of machines to ensure that people can work out as per their convenience. Additionally, on the start of coaching process, our certified trainers will look into the needs of each person and find the right kind of workout regime that would work for the overall goals. We would like to point out here that the fitness goals for each person are different, and we like to focus on the same.

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