Relief Funds

Relief Funds

“A physically fit body is the temple of a healthy mind and soul.”

Practicing the very noble purport in our endeavours, we at emphasize on the philanthropic and a purposeful fitness. We believe that a well-toned physical appearance becomes wholesomely radiant if it contributes to the betterment of the society with its existence.

The mighty thought has become our mission. Our harmonically well structured fitness programmes not just ensure a great physical health and the appealing appearance, but also the grandeur of a beautiful mind and a venerable soul. With such provision, every fitness programme you choose for yourself automatically becomes your contribution to the august cause called “BMTG Relief Funds Society for Sportsmen.” This very initiative caters in achieving the grand dreams of those sportsmen, who are somehow unable to fulfil and transform them into a delightful reality.

Whether consultancy, diet plans, professional training and guidance, bodybuilding or any other regime, your selection of a programme automatically becomes your invaluable contribution to this finest subject, as we endow a portion of the subscription fees to it.

Our star coach Tejinder Singh (Bobby), the winner of 1992-93 Mr. Punjab title, known for his corporate fitness programmes and clientele, along with the well disciplined team coaches, follow the philosophy of ‘fitness with pride and purpose” that elucidates the overall grooming of the personality beyond physicality.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join our programmes and achieve the wholesome fitness.

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